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BYU pulls off a stunner in double over time. Here is how we got where we got. First quarter,ing cougar defense up top, look at this throw. Jarrett guarantano, nearly picked off at the goal line. Blaine: Can you tell me how a ball can go over your head, through both arms and you don't touch it? Come on. Those are the types of plays they weren't making in the first half. Dave: Fourth down and three. Up into the air, jauan Jennings pulls it in. It is a Tennessee touchdown. David: This is a bad break. Right spot. Lt Blaine: That is the only offensive touchdown in regulation for Tennessee. A tipped ball touchdown. Dave: A flea-flicker, Wilson to bushman, 27 yards, BYU is on the move.


[byu football highlights]

 That sets up Jake Oldroyd. He just doesn't miss. 31 yards. It is 7-3. Back comes Tennessee. They didn't have a lot of big plays, this is one, Jennings 51 yards. Blaine: A big seam route. Jennings had a really big football game for Tennessee. Four receptions for 88 yards. 22-yard average for Jennings. Dave: Brett Cimaglia, he is a good kicker. Blaine: Both kickers were money. Dave: Late in the first half, Ty Chandler going to take off on a 53-yard scamper to set up another field goal. David: BYU struggled in the first half holding the edge, puing down the line of scrimmage. Making good halftime adjustments, picked up in the second half. Dave: 13-3, we need a break. Brian: Great rat. Love the fact he was able to get his hands on the ball and trying to take it back. This started to change the momentum and turning point of the game. Blaine: You can call this the play of the game in a way, it changed things. We are going to say Micah Simon is the play of the game. I think that was the play of the game. Dave: Ty'son Williams 16 yards to the end zone. A three-point game. David: 17 carries, aveing 9.4 and two touchdowns.

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 Dave: I think they will start giving him the ball more. Moves the pile, Blaine. He would move the pile and win the game. Blaine: In the second half of this football game, BYU figured thing out, were able to defend better. Second half much better for BYU. Dave: Third and three, Devin Kaufusi is hit with targeting. It is a good call. He is ejected. Pass interference down the field. That put Tennessee in position to kick another field goal to take 16-10 lead. Cimaglia knocks it through. Back come the cougars, Oldroyd, from 32, 16-13. Now the defense stiffens. Isaiah Kaufusi makes the stop, the cougars take over. David: Stayed at home even though he thought the action was going away, wraps ub the running back, brings it down shy of the first down marker. Dave: Late in the game, if Zach Wilson is going to be a legendary BYU quarterback perhaps it will start right here on this drive. That didn't start very much. That almost picked off. Blaine: There is your play of the game right there. Matt bushman said, uh-uh, not in my neighborhood. 

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That is a great play by Matt bushman. If you can't catch it -- Dave: Third down and six. Wilson in the pocket, silence, behind the defense. 64 yards. David: How does this happen, Brian? Brian: Very dirty eyes. Blaine: A bad angle too. If he tackles him there it is not field goal range. A blown coverage, bad angle by the safety. Dave: What a play. This is right up there. Brian: Good catch as well. Dave: Jake Oldroyd has to get the field goal. He just missed it. Blaine: I don't think Jake Oldroyd has missed a field goal in practice let alone a game. This is our reaction in our BYUTV studios. Reaction to that field goal. We go to overtime. Talon Shumway, right here, right now, into the end zone for a touchdown. Blaine: Because BYU had been able to run the football, they run the play action. Holds the linebackers at the line of scrimmage. This was a perfect throw by Zach Wilson. I will call that a strike. Dave: Here comes Tennessee. Jennings, big target. He eat got it in the end zone. Brian: Sometimes big players step up and make big plays. 

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Dave: Second overtime, Cimaglia, he is money. 40 yards out. BYU needs a touchdown to win the game. Jeff Grimes gets creative. Alevo hifo on the end around. David: Another play call, a run play on the first drive of the first overtime, come back to reverse on the second one. Blaine: Set it upperfectly. Dave: Here comes Williams, boom, in the pile. Where is that big line? Into the end zone and BYU beats Tennessee. Over 10,000 fans at Neyland stadium cheers on the cougars. There is Kalani sitake. Cougar nation all over the world celebrating. A dramatic, come from behind victory on ESPN and here's our crowd reaction to the touchdown. Nice job, guys. We are all famous. 

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